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Entice potential customers to click your ad with Structured Snippet Extensions. Right inside your ad, they offer a way to differentiate your business and spotlight your popular products and services. You can show customers your top brands and most desirable products so that they will want to learn more. For example, you might use “Brands:” and “Windows, Xbox, Skype” to reveal what's available in your store.

Make your ads more enticing to get more clicks.

Why Structured Snippet Extensions?

  • Entice more customers.

    Your ads can lead prospective customers to your company more easily by showing information about your products and services.

  • Inform searchers faster.

    People will know more about you immediately when they see the ad, which can be set up with 10 highlights from 13 unique categories.

  • Makes your ad larger.

    You stand to increase your click-through rate with structured snippets. Plus, you can also add Callout Extensions and others.

  • No cost.

    Structured Snippet Extensions are free to activate and include in your ads.

  • Easy to import.

    You can import your structured snippets from Google Ads into Microsoft Advertising.

Add Structured Snippet Extensions

Screenshot showing an example of Structured Snippet Extensions displayed below a  search ad.

More benefits

  • Structured Snippet Extensions are simple to add to campaigns from scratch, just like other ad extensions. Just add relevant details to a predefined set of product and service category options.
  • Track and improve the performance of your snippet extensions with Microsoft Advertising reporting.
  • Structured Snippet Extensions can appear in mainline and sidebar ads.

Start using Microsoft Advertising Structured Snippet Extensions

Read more about Structured Snippet Extensions to include them in your ad, then sign in to use them across your campaigns. To add even more power to the spotlights in your ad, check out Callout Extensions.

Add Structured Snippet Extensions