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Show your customers that your values align with theirs using Marketing with Purpose Attributes. Establish relationships and create loyalty by differentiating your brand from others. The most trusted brands have one guiding principle in common: Purpose. Companies that lead with purpose find that it inspires true connections with their customers.

Show your brand values with Marketing with Purpose Attributes

What are Marketing with Purpose Attributes?

These inclusive business attributes are text additions that can be used with search ads to highlight your values. Below is an example of how our Marketing with Purpose Attributes are displayed. This is a text ad that showcases an environmental business attribute and value: Carbon-neutral.

An example of a Marketing with Purpose Attribute displayed within a text ad for Contoso Hotel.

Why are Marketing with Purpose Attributes relevant?

Marketing with Purpose Attributes allow you to be authentic, which is the key aspect to building trust with customers according to the research-based Marketing with Purpose course.

85% of consumers say they’ll only consider a brand if they trust the brand. When you address what your audience cares about, you’re marketing inclusively, which helps you connect with people. Acknowledging your customers’ values and showing that they matter to you establishes trust, increases brand love, and nurtures loyalty.

Which Marketing with Purpose Attributes are available?

We offer four categories of business attributes based on our research: accessibility, environmental, inclusion, and community/social responsibility. Within those, you can find a total of 36 attributes, available in over 30 languages, to showcase in your search ads. Using these four categories helps you demonstrate how your brand considers accessibility features in your business, to connect with people, and to make customers feel included.

Eco friendly is represented by a globe icon.
Carbon negative
LGBTQI+ friendly is represented by a flag icon.
LGBTQI+ owned Unisex
Vegan is represented by a utensils icon.
Wheelchair accessible is represented by a gingerbread man icon.
Visual assistance
Hearing assistance
Mobility assistance
Web accessibility
Cruelty-free is represented by a heart icon.
Family friendly
Pet friendly
is represented by a group of people icon.
Local business is represented by a building icon.
Small business
Support a cure is represented by a heart with an ECG line icon.
Support disease
is represented by a magnifying glass icon.
Touchless pickup is represented by a truck icon.
No contact delivery
Allergy friendly is represented by a medical cross icon.
Diabetic friendly

Learn about more available resources from the Marketing with Purpose hub.

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