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Grab your customers’ attention with a photograph in your ad. Microsoft Advertising Image Extensions can help promote your products, raise brand awareness and improve the quality of your clicks.

Attract more attention and clicks with ad images or pictures.

Why Image Extensions?

  • Draw attention.
    Microsoft Advertising Image Extensions allow you to add a powerful visual and stay competitive with a larger ad footprint.

  • Get more relevant traffic.
    Attract interested visitors to your site by using ad images or pictures to show examples of your products or services.

  • Use image extensions to increase brand recognition.
    Nothing reinforces your brand like a strong image.

More benefits:

  • Associate up to six images with each campaign or ad group.
  • Point to a unique URL with each image.
  • Combine with other ad extensions to make Image Extensions even better.
  • Set up with the same easy tools as other extensions.

Add a photo to your ad

Screenshot showing Image Extension displayed in the left side of a search ad. 

What's the cost?

Image Extensions are free to activate and included in your ads. For ad images, the cost per click is the same as clicks on an ad title or URL.

Start using Image Extensions

Learn how to add Microsoft Advertising Image Extensions to make your ads stand out more.


  Add Image Extensions