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Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs) should be part of any advertiser’s search engine marketing strategy to drive incremental query coverage. Using your website’s content, DSAs help you uncover new business opportunities by matching your ads to users’ queries that aren’t part of your keywords. And now, with static headlines available (and unique to Microsoft Advertising), you can retain full control over the ad copy and titles of your DSAs.*

Increase your search term coverage using customized ad experiences.  

Why Dynamic Search Ads?

  • Expand your horizons. Building out comprehensive keyword lists can be time-consuming and miss many of the ways users search, but Dynamic Search Ads expand your search marketing consciousness to connect with more customers looking for your products and services.
  • Capture insights and emerging queries. Uncover new business opportunities by staying on top of new long-tail queries that come into the network and expose new search trends and themes.
  • Retain creative control. With the ads generated from what you’re already messaging about your website, Dynamic Search Ads reflect your identity as a business. Plus, you can now get full creative control over your ad copy through static headlines, unique to Microsoft Advertising.

Visit our help page for additional information on this feature, setup, or common questions.

Get started with Dynamic Search Ads

You can import your DSAs from Google Ads, create DSAs using the API or leverage the Editor.

  Use Dynamic Search Ads

By turning on Dynamic Search Ads, you agree that Microsoft may generate ad content from the content of your website, including any text, images, links, creative, advertising materials, or other data (“Content”), and that such Content is provided by you in connection with the Microsoft Advertising Agreement and may be used by Microsoft in accordance with the license in Section 2.