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Boost your performance with broad match

Broad match makes your ad eligible for display when a search query includes the individual words in your keyword in any order, or even words related to your keyword. By covering more keyword variations, your campaign reaches a far wider variety of queries and a much bigger audience. Broad match helps you uncover new business opportunities, delivering impact on multiple levels without draining your budget and team resources.

Uncover new business opportunities without draining your budget and team resources.

Why use broad match?

  • Stay on top of new queries.

    Track new and emerging terms in a hard-to-predict search landscape.

  • Expose new search trends and themes.

    Discover what customers are thinking about. Learn about hidden keyword-searcher relationships that go beyond the queries.

  • Tap into the long tail to acquire new customers.

    Use valuable data to discover untapped corners of the market. Find deeper connections to your brand.

Why should people use it?

With a constantly changing search landscape, it can be difficult to anticipate all the new search queries users might enter. Broad match helps you easily expand your reach and uncover new business opportunities on our platform. To do that, broad match relies on new breakthrough technologies. Our algorithms evolve and improve all the time, and matching technology ensures accurate results to drive high ROI.

Learn more about broad match

You can use broad match with other Microsoft Advertising solutions, like audience targeting, auto-bidding, conversion tracking and negative keywords. Sign in to explore the full potential of broad match.

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