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Download the Marketing with Purpose playbook to get actionable tactics to start your inclusive advertising journey today

Discover resources specific to agencies including pitch materials, industry one-sheets, Microsoft Advertising infographics, training and accreditation.

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  • Microsoft Advertising
    The Microsoft Search Network can boost online search traffic by broadening your customer audience while increasing diversity, growth and profits for you and your clients. Sign up as an Agency or a Direct Advertiser on the Microsoft Advertising platform in a few easy steps.
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  • Microsoft Advertising Learning Lab
    Learn about the Microsoft Advertising platform, campaigns and features through online, bite-sized courses. 
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  • Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional program (MACP)
    Increase your Microsoft Advertising proficiency and optimize ad campaigns by becoming a Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional.
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  • Microsoft Advertising Partner Program
    Distinguish your agency in the search advertising marketplace and get recognized.
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    If you are already a partner, join the Microsoft Advertising Partner Program community on LinkedIn to stay engaged.

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Winning as an agency means winning for your clients. Learn how Microsoft Advertising can help you and your clients reach new customers and grow your businesses.


Agency Welcome Kit

Inside this kit you'll find:

  1. Client-facing partner pitch deck
  2. Agency welcome brochure
  3. Microsoft Advertising infographic
  4. Client-facing brochure to help pitch Microsoft Advertising
  5. Prospective client pitch email template

 Download the Agency Welcome Kit