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Women in investing insights

December 2021

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  • Financial Services
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In a living room, a woman sits on the floor holding a piece of paper in one hand while typing on a PC with the other hand.

Advertising for investing represents an opportunity to educate and empower women. While searches for investing and loans have recovered since pandemic lows, men are seeing smaller growth in search volume compared to women.

Microsoft Advertising Insights found that, when looking at brokerage converters, reach for women is 20% lower than reach for men. We also found that there is strong competition in the brokerage space. On average, 57% of reached audience was brokerage exclusive, with the rest seeing multiple competitor ads. However, women are less likely to see competitor ads, seeing on average 1.9 advertisers compared to 2.8 advertisers for men. Women also see fewer total ads before converting. On average, they need to see at least 3 before they convert, compared to 14 ads for men.

Be sure to download the insights for additional findings and to learn what you need to adjust your search strategy to reach this untapped audience.

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