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Modern Marketing is Accessible Marketing

  Webcast hosted by ON24 , AI insights

Join a live webcast to learn about Office 365 accessibility tools

Webcast overview

Duration: 50 minutes
Available: On demand


Join us to learn how to use the powerful accessibility tools in Office 365.

Did you know that there are 1 billion people in the world living with a disability? Have you considered the value of making your documents and media more accessible for your clients or customers? Not considering accessibility is like saying to 1 in 5 customers, “I don’t want your business.” You may know who your audience is as a business owner or marketer, but if you're not maximizing accessibility, you could be missing out on a large swath of potential customers.

We’ll have Office 365 accessibility experts run through all the ways Office 365 can help you reach the largest possible audience for your marketing materials. If you do not proactively include people, you may unintentionally exclude them.

You’ll learn:

  • Office 365 accessibility features for visual, auditory, physical and cognitive disabilities
  • How to run the Accessibility Checker on all Office documents
  • Office 365 Inclusive Design features
  • Opportunities to make pay per click (PPC) more accessible
  • Some tips and tricks from our very own Microsoft Advertising Webmaster

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MJ DePalma

Head of Multicultural & Inclusive Marketing

Microsoft Advertising

MJ DePalma serves as the Head of Multicultural & Inclusive Marketing for Microsoft Advertising with 24 years of business experience serving industries such as autos, retail, travel, pharmaceuticals, and telco. She pioneered Inclusive Marketing as something more than just multicultural marketing only a few years ago. She is a global speaker on Inclusive Business Strategy and is recognized by the C-suite as a trusted business innovator. Often heard from CMO’s leaving MJ’s sessions are statements like, “I am going to completely change how I do business,” or “When most are talking D&I, you are actually showing how to make business impact with inclusion,” and “Genuine. Authentic. Real. Visionary.”

David Kline

Sr. Program Manager

Microsoft Advertising

David Kline is a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft with a focus on marketing technology, SEO, analytics, and accessibility. David has spent the last 8 years at the “University of Microsoft” – before which he spent 11 years as a software developer. David graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a degree in Computer Science. Go Heels!

Ricardo Wagner

Marketing and Operations Lead - Microsoft 365

Microsoft Canada

Ricardo Wagner leads efforts to drive great products, services, and websites that empower people and organizations to achieve more. With his passion to see people reach their full potential – including people with disabilities – Wagner’s team is at the forefront of applying technology to make a difference in the world and individual lives.

Christi Olson

Head of Evangelism for Search


Christi is on the Board of Directors for the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO) and the University of Idaho School of Business. For over a decade, Christi has led Digital Marketing teams at Microsoft, Expedia, Harry & David, Pointmarc and Point It. She is passionate about search marketing and helping businesses solve their marketing challenges by analyzing data to develop actionable insights. She is a contributing author on Forbes, Entrepreneur, Mumbrella, Search Engine Land and Search Engine Journal.

Haily De La Cruz

Sr. Program Manager

Microsoft Advertising

Haily's work revolves around improving the campaign management experience for Bing Ads advertisers. He has worked on a variety of Bing Ads improvements, such as introducing automated bidding, redesigning key UI workflows and introducing the new Microsoft Audience Network. Haily graduated from the University of Arizona with degrees in Computer Science and Management Information Systems.