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Travel In-market Audiences

October 2020

Microsoft Advertising Insights knows that Travel is an industry being hard hit by COVID-19, so we wanted to provide insights that would help advertisers succeed in this vertical. We looked at our In-market Audiences and the impact that has on advertising in Travel. Below are 5 key takeaways we have uncovered in our analysis:

  1. Serving ads with In-market Audience associations increases the probability of engagement from In-market Audience users through other non-associated campaigns.
  2. Because In-market Audiences are a dynamic product, they offer windows of increased exposure.
  3. In-market Audiences are large enough to support competition without price inflation.
  4. In-market Audience presence has a proven lift on brand search volume during activated periods.
  5. Users are members of many In-market Audiences simultaneously. Overlapping In-market Audiences paints an interest picture. Target and message accordingly.

Download the PDF today to learn more about In-market Audiences and the impact on Travel advertising.

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