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Microsoft Advertising helps Vincodo create success

August 2019

Finding success with SEM

“We don’t get paid unless you see success” is a guarantee most companies won’t make to their customers, especially in the world of digital marketing. Yet it’s one Vincodo founder and CEO Tim Daly proudly stands by, particularly since most of the company’s clients come from referrals.

“I founded Vincodo on the basis of creating a different breed of agency,” says Daly. “Most agencies grow by obtaining new clients, Vincodo grows by growing its existing clients. We do this by keeping our senior management team focused on client marketing initiatives rather than doing sales pitches for new clients.”

Based in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, Vincodo is a full-service, data-driven digital marketing and advertising agency serving a range of U.S.-based clients, from Fortune 1000 companies to medium-sized businesses seeking rapid growth. Since its founding in 2010, the company has made a name for itself by delivering successful search engine marketing (SEM) and online advertising campaigns for its clients.

And, according to Daly, Microsoft Advertising has been with them every step of the way.

Microsoft Advertising thinks intelligently about the clients we serve and makes customized recommendations for performance improvements. Across the board, our best ROI is always with Microsoft Advertising.

— Tim Daly, CEO, Vincodo

A winning partnership

“Microsoft Advertising comes to us with products and strategies designed for our clients’ individual business needs, as opposed to the prepackaged solution bundles that saturate the marketplace,” says Daly, who considers Microsoft Advertising to be an important partner for Vincodo.

By aggressively optimizing its efforts on Microsoft Advertising, Vincodo has exceeded the modest, single-digit performance increases for its clients that it initially anticipated. Helping Vincodo every step of the way is its Microsoft Advertising account team. The team was quick to point out that, while the company was advanced in its optimization and targeting efforts, it wasn’t taking advantage of all possible options, best practices and functionalities. Testing across all clients showed Vincodo was being too conservative in its approach. To implement new strategies successfully, the account team conducted a full-day, onsite working session. “They put forward thoughtful, custom recommendations for each of our clients,” says Daly. “After implementation, they stayed involved in monitoring performance and providing further optimization recommendations. Our Microsoft Advertising team was integral to our success.”

Focusing on cost per click

Vincodo takes advantage of a range of Microsoft Advertising solutions, including audience targeting, the Microsoft Audience Network, Microsoft Advertising search partners (formerly syndication) and the exact match type. All have yielded significant measurable benefits for Vincodo clients. For example, audience targeting yielded a 47% year-over-year (YoY) increase in conversions, and exact match increased the click-through rate (CTR) by 179%. But according to Daly, the success of Microsoft Advertising search partners was “a delightful surprise.”

“The vast quality improvements to Microsoft Advertising search partners have allowed us to expand spend on Microsoft Advertising with an acceptable return on investment [ROI].” Year over year, Microsoft Advertising search partners produced a 373% increase in conversions and a 30% increase in CTR for Vincodo clients while lowering CPC by 32%, and coming in under budget by 25%.

According to Daly, this focus on CPC distinguishes Microsoft Advertising from its competitors, allowing advertisers to get maximum value from their budget by showing more ads across all verticals and markets.

For Vincodo, it isn’t about any one Microsoft Advertising product or solution, or about the size of the Microsoft Search Network audience. It’s about the quality of the partnership and the dedicated effort Microsoft Advertising makes toward ensuring that all clients can get the best possible ROI on their advertising budgets.

“Microsoft Advertising thinks intelligently about the clients we serve and makes customized recommendations for performance improvements,” says Daly. “Across the board, our best ROI is always with Microsoft Advertising.”

Download the infographic to take Vincodo's success story with you.