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SplashLearn expands reach with Microsoft Advertising

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Edutech player leverages auto bidding to drive user acquisition


With the vision of building an immersive and personalized online learning experience that transforms children into lifelong, fearless learners, Splashlearn is loved by over 33 million learners across 150 countries. It’s trusted by over 440,000 teachers and 77,000 schools and boasts the fastest growing elementary math program in the US.

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Over the last few years, Edutech players such as SplashLearn have disrupted the education space by enabling online learning, with an extensive focus on each child’s unique learning needs. The importance of programs such as SplashLearn was further highlighted during the pandemic, as getting children to focus on learning at home became a herculean task for parents. But with the aid of digital apps and learning programs, classes and their associated curriculums are no longer mundane activities. The introduction of gamification in learning has revolutionized interest among children with innovative and enjoyable techniques as they learn while they play. To raise awareness and onboard parents to the app, SplashLearn partnered with Microsoft Advertising.

As a pioneer in the Edutech space, it was important for us to understand the best ways in which we can connect with parents who were looking to empower their children with the right tools for success. Microsoft Advertising helped us carve a perfect digital advertising strategy while continually improving campaign performance. We have not only onboarded new students but also engaged with them through fun learning courses.

— Atishay Jain, Senior Manager - Performance Marketing, SplashLearn

The journey

With the diverse range of education offerings available, SplashLearn segmented campaigns based on grade level (K-5), subjects (Math, English, and Language Arts), type of mobile devices, and regions to match search results. As SplashLearn and its offerings rapidly grew, so did the campaign which was constantly updated with messaging according to the new courses launched in 2020 such as Pre-K, English, and Language Arts courses. Additionally, the brand identified unexplored areas of potential including exam preparation courses, home school and summer school programs, and delivered ads accordingly.

Unique Daily Learning Paths by SplashLearn.

Unique Daily Learning Paths by SplashLearn.

Scaling reach in a changing marketplace

SplashLearn leveraged several Microsoft Advertising paid search and audience targeting products and solutions to meet their objectives:

In the wake of the pandemic in mid-March 2020, when schools were shut down in the US, many parents were concerned about the effects on their children’s education. It was at that time when SplashLearn proactively rose to the challenge to ensure that children were offered courses which not only educate but also engage. This early adoption was made possible by the Microsoft Advertising platform where the brand delivered the right message while integrating audience targeting to reach parents across the US. Adding to this, the brand leveraged advanced features such as display advertising on the Microsoft Audience Network and other ad extensions to create awareness for their rebranding from SplashMath to SplashLearn.

SplashLearn search ad on Microsoft Advertising network.

SplashLearn search ad on Microsoft Advertising network.


To enhance efficiency of the campaign, the brand optimized regular keyword checks and promoted negative keywords. The best performing campaigns were promoted through automated bidding to rake in incremental results, eliminating low performing ads and streamlining overall campaign hygiene. Syndication partner optimization ensured further efficiency in driving the desired results.

Engaging games and interactive worksheets on SplashLearn.

Engaging games and interactive worksheets on SplashLearn.

The campaign resulted in a 182% increase in the reach, the percentage of leads increased by 267% and the overall conversion rate saw a phenomenal 24% growth, in just one month.

Through our partnership with Microsoft Advertising, we saw incredible results in our digital advertising performance. The early adoption campaign in the US led to an increase in the overall conversion rates while driving the campaign efficiencies incrementally.

— Atishay Jain, Senior Manager - Performance Marketing, SplashLearn

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