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Reach more customers with Product Ads from Microsoft Advertising

December 2019

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Reach more customers with Product Ads from Microsoft Advertising

In today’s highly competitive and continually evolving marketplace, search marketing campaigns should be an integral and easy-to-manage, easy-to-measure extension of your business. To reach more shoppers on their retail customer journey, manage your Product Ads with Shopping Campaigns from Microsoft Advertising.

Product Ads put your customers closer to the purchase decision and offer several advantages to promote your online and local products:

  • Visually engaging ad format stands out and attracts attention with images, product ratings and promotions.
  • More real estate enables you to highlight more than one product on the same search results page, and Product Ads can appear next to your text ads.
  • Easy setup saves you time. You can import your Google Shopping campaigns directly into your Microsoft Advertising account.

Product Ads features that help your small business succeed

  • Merchant Promotions highlight your special offers in Shopping Campaigns.
  • Local Inventory Ads showcase your in-store offerings and increase foot traffic.
  • Enhanced CPC for Shopping Campaigns automates your bids for better efficiency.
  • Automatic item update ensures correct pricing and accurate inventory are displayed.

More clicks and more conversions continue to help advertisers see growth year over year.

Advertisers continue to see growth year over year, with a 35% increase in clicks, a 62% increase in conversions, and a 20% increase in conversion rates.

Learn more about how to manage your Product Ads with Shopping Campaigns and get account support from Microsoft Advertising experts or from our partners at WordStream.

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