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New year, new you: Health, Wellness, Retail, CPG, and Finance New Year trends

November 2021

Have you decided on your New Year’s resolution? Surveys indicate that top categories for resolutions include physical health, mental health, and financial management related goals.

Search and click volume for physical and mental health are trending up in Q4, indicating it’s top of mind for users. We also saw high search and click growth in 2020 for workout apparel and gear, and this volume has remained strong in 2021. Lastly, queries related to money management, debt management, and credit cards peak around January, showing strong user interest in financial management during this time period.

To get ahead of New Year-related queries, be sure to leverage In-market Audiences to capture peak seasonal spending. Additionally, pair your search campaigns with native ads on the Microsoft Audience Network to extend your reach and increase engagement.

For full search and query trends, download the insights.

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