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Connected trips: Multi-line travel trends in the US

April 2021

Microsoft Advertising Insights set out to explore how consumers plan their vacations in this new age of travel. We examined the consumer decision journey across multi-line travelers — those who purchased multiple travel products for a trip. Multi-line travelers make up 63% of overall US travelers and browse categories such as airfare, hotels, activities and taxis.

We have many takeaways from our analysis in multi-line travelers, but we can walk you through a few highlights. First, hotels and accommodations were the most researched product across all three stages of the consumer decision journey (first, middle, and last touchpoint). Second, airlines were commonly searched for at the beginning of a consumer journey, which shows consumers often think about buying flights before other travel products. Third, we saw that activities and experiences were most researched in the middle of a journey, perhaps after they have already bought flights.

If you’re interested in learning more about how consumers prioritize their travel needs and how you can best reach them throughout the consumer decision journey, download our insights today.

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