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Insights to expand your keyword coverage for Truck Month

February 2022

A man and a woman wearing safety helmets converse inside a truck.

March Truck Month is here. Third-party research shows that pickup trucks remain in high demand, with 21% of consumers planning on purchasing a truck for their next car. With searches and clicks increasing an average of 6% during this time period in 2021, there’s optimal opportunity for advertisers to reach truck shoppers.

Forecasts show that searches and clicks are expected to increase by an average of 29% and 31% in 2022. Budget accordingly to prepare for these volume increases. Microsoft Advertising Insights also found that when looking at non-brand search queries, about 25% contain “sale” and 15% of the top queries include “used.” Expand your keyword coverage to include these top keywords.

Download the insights for full recommendations on how to maximize your performance during Truck Month.

 Download the insights