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Insights 2022: Mother’s Day search and click trends

March 2022

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A little girl is about to touch her mother’s nose while she smiles with her eyes closed.
In preparation for higher search volumes leading up to Mother’s Day, Microsoft Advertising Insights analyzed last year’s search and click trends. Queries containing “Mother’s Day” are expected to spike about a week before the holiday, with the highest searches occurring on Mother’s Day itself.

When looking at trends for Mother’s Day 2021, we found that Gifts & Experiences peaked around Mother’s Day, and Restaurant related searches grew 46% year-over-year during last year’s Mother’s Day week. We also found that Spas were the second most clicked on for gifts last year.

Local shopping also continues to trend upward, with queries such as “local florists near me” seeing 98%
year-over-year search growth. Boost local shopping by implementing Location Targeting and showcase your products and local retail store information to nearby shoppers with Local Inventory Ads.

Learn more about how to best reach Mother’s Day shoppers by downloading the insights.

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