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Home and Construction: Spring refresh

June 2021

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  • Research
  • Retail
  • Seasonal trend

Microsoft Advertising Insights re-examined the Home and Construction retail space recently, looking at the current landscape of the industry as well as upcoming marketplace trends. The findings were aligned with what we saw earlier in the year: growth is happening across the board and people are gearing up for more projects.

Some key findings from our research include:

  • Home & Construction searches & clicks maintained significant YoY growth throughout 2020.
  • Mobile and shopping reported strong growth, accounting for more total clicks YoY in 2020.
  • Shelter-in-place orders accelerated the otherwise slow to ramp curbside pick-up trend in 2020.
  • Planning appears to align with climate as the West and South skew toward outdoor renovations, while the Northeast focuses inside kitchen remodels.
  • Consumers plan to budget the most for kitchen renovations this coming year.

To learn more about these upcoming trends and get expert advice on how to best target consumers in the market for your products, download the insights today.

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