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Reimagining cross-channel measurement

April 2023

  • White paper

How the Microsoft + Roku collaboration will elevate your ad campaigns by connecting the dots between TV streaming, search, and audience ads

The future of digital advertising is hybrid, collaborative, and agile—requiring marketers to be present during key moments in every customer’s unique journey. This is no simple task, given people engage across an ever-growing number of devices, media, and platforms.

To reach consumers, marketers must think holistically about organic and paid advertising strategies. But connecting the dots across consumer touchpoints has remained a challenge for many advertisers. Until now.

In an industry-first collaboration, Microsoft Advertising and Roku Advertising have joined together to unlock insights that elevate the ad buying experience and maximize ad performance.

It’s incredible, when you think about it: To match consumer data from Roku Advertising, America’s #1 TV streaming platform, to the Microsoft Advertising platform that reaches over 1 billion people worldwide.

We’re now connecting the dots between Roku TV streaming ads, Microsoft Audience Ads, and paid and organic search on Bing. Because when it comes to data, we’re better—together. By analyzing insights from both the Microsoft and Roku ad ecosystems—as your customer streams TV, browses, shops for products, and searches online—we can distill down the behavioral insights you need to build an actionable and successful ad campaign.

With our research focused on maximizing cross-channel performance, in our whitepaper you’ll learn our top three key insights, plus customized consumer data unique to Technology, Travel, and Retail verticals.

Download the whitepaper today and join us. Elevate your ad campaigns. Powered by Microsoft and Roku.

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