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The digital advertiser’s guide to COVID-19

May 2020

Considerations for advertising during (and after) the new coronavirus

The world is facing unprecedented times. As we scramble to survive and respond to COVID-19, the new normal - of social distancing, business closures and interruptions, and travel restrictions - is altering consumer behavior. This has resulted in dynamic shifts in consumer search behavior. Over just a few short weeks, we moved from brick and mortar to online for almost everything. As a result, search has become a lifeline for people spending more time at home. These shifts are shining a light on the value of paid search during stormy times.

To help navigate during these challenging times, the Microsoft Advertising team has produced the Digital advertiser's guide to COVID-19 - a guide to help businesses react and respond to trends in consumer behaviors and consider different search strategies and tactics.

In this guide you will find valuable insights and resources, learn quick actions you can take today, identify future opportunities and restoration scenarios, and get tips to implement if you’re seeing new or increased traffic.

We’re here to help.

 Download the Digital advertiser's guide to COVID-19