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How celebrations impact audience behavior: Grads and dads edition

May 2021

As we roll into the summer, two reasons to celebrate are about to take place: graduations and Father’s Day, and search volume has increased year over year (YoY) for both (+61% YoY and +52% YoY). Microsoft Advertising Insights compared search behaviors for users searching for graduation or Father’s Day.

In our research, we found two patterns in the search data: consumers convert more on shorter queries and non-brand searches are more common than brand searches for these two events. We also gathered the top list of non-brand queries for grads and dads content, so you can make sure your keywords are up to date!

We also saw a lot of overlap between retail customers searching for grads and dads content and those searching for other retail products (apparel, electronics, jewelry, etc). The Microsoft Audience Network can help you best target these customers so you can retarget searchers with other inventory.

Time is ticking on these two summer events, so download the insights today to help you plan accordingly.

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