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TV and search insights for Pharma advertisers

July 2021

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Microsoft Advertising Insights took time to compare search behavior across two health conditions: rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and psoriatic arthritis (PsA). In the study, three creatives were shown on television ads: a single creative for RA, a single creative for PsA, and a dual-condition creative containing both RA and PsA. We set out to answer one key question: in comparing single- and dual-condition medication name TV creatives, which is most likely to cause an immediate behavior change resulting in pulling up a search engine and searching for the brand?

Our research found that of the individual creatives, single-condition creative for RA had the largest uptick in searches and clicks. However, dual-condition creative had the most consistent positive performance with condition-containing queries. Search and TV ads were successful when paired together, regardless of creative. For instance, when combining offline and online channel strategies, there is a 45% lift in ROI compared to a single channel strategy. To learn more about how you can combine your search strategy with your television ads, download the insights today.

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