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Uncovering the value of search in CPG advertising

April 2021

The rapid transformation of CPG (consumer packaged goods) commerce to digital channels has shifted the marketplace, and COVID-19 escalated the rate at which the CPG industry was digitalized. In fact, 15 million people have shopped online for CPG products since the onset of the pandemic. Microsoft Advertising Insights set out to explore this growth in digital consumption over the past year so you can take advantage of upcoming trends.

With more consumers shopping online in 2021, searches in the CPG industry are climbing. We saw a 25% average weekly growth in searches and a 17% average weekly growth in clicks for CPG queries.

To improve your performance and strengthen your relationship with your customers, it’s important that you’re serving the right ads at the right time. Microsoft Advertising Insights found that one of the best ways to reach consumers in this industry is through non-brand ads. Targeting non-brand searchers can increase your likelihood of future brand searches by as much as 157%.

To learn more about how you can take advantage of the uptick in search volume for the CPG industry, download the insights today.

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