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Connect with travel planners searching via smartphones

May 2015

Did you know that the first stop for online leisure travel planners is a search engine? And travel consumers are mobile: the majority — 90 million or 58% — of U.S. travelers use a smartphone to access travel content.

When it comes to travel search, the Bing Network reaches an exclusive audience: In March 2016, Bing served 24 million travel searchers not reached on Google in the U.S. alone. Those “missing searchers” are the travelers you want to reach: they are 30% more likely to have spent $5,000 to $7,499 online on travel in the last six months.

We’ve put together the statistics to show you how important mobile paid search is for the travel industry and how the Bing Network can be a powerful tool to help direct searchers to your site.

Find out about:

  • Turning mobile travel search into mobile travel booking.
  • Tapping into the in-trip revenue stream that mobile opens up.
  • The 261% growth of mobile travel clicks on the Bing Network over the last two years.
  • What drives the greatest engagement with mobile ads.

Start reaching more travel customers with Bing Ads mobile advertising. View our presentation above to learn more. For more about digital trends in other lines of business, visit the Industries section of our mobile advertising page.

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