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Moving season preparation for Cable and Internet Service Providers

May 2021

Microsoft Advertising Insights set out to provide an industry analysis for our advertisers for Technology and Telecommunication brands (specifically, Cable and ISPs) ahead of moving season. Our goal is to help you stay ahead on effective planning and budget preparation with our results. In these insights we provide forecasts for the Cable and ISP industry post-COVID, the overlap with moving season, geographic trends, and tips on how to amplify your search strategy with native advertising.

Our findings show that non-brand searches typically see more volume during moving season and Cable and ISP searches were 43% higher than originally forecasted pre-COVID. The correlation between Cable and ISP searches and moving searches typically has around a 5-9 week delay, which makes sense based on standard timelines for moving. COVID also expedited the moving season, with a 19% higher search volume than originally predicted. This is likely due to consumers housing needs evolving after lockdowns, and the increase of remote work.

To learn more about how you can capture the right audiences during moving season this summer, download the insights today.

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