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Backyard BBQ trends to expect this summer

May 2022

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A man wearing an apron prepares a BBQ while two young girls play with hula hoops behind him.

The weather is heating up, and with that comes time for outdoor BBQs! Third-party research indicates that BBQs will be most common this year on Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day. Be sure to plan campaign timing and spend accordingly to account for search interest during these key moments. We expect BBQ clicks to peak in late May or early June, with search interest already ramping up in late April.

More importantly, what will be on the menu for BBQs this summer? Hamburgers will be the most popular food to grill, with searches and clicks rising by an average of 23%, and 38% for beef. BBQ sauce is anticipated to be the top condiment this summer, with the number of searches expected to increase by an average of 78%.

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