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Search marketing insights for holidays 2018

September 2018

It's never too early to start planning for the holidays. We’ve made it easier than ever for you to get the insights, statistics and tips you need to optimize your holiday campaigns. Set yourself up for success this season. Explore what we have in store for you below.

2018 sales (excluding gasoline and autos) are expected to grow by 5.1%, better than the 4.2% growth in 2017. Online sales are expected to grow by 14% and in-store by 3.5%, highest since 2011.

Tip: 69% of shoppers prefer to research online and buy in store, otherwise known as webrooming. Help online searchers find your store with location extensions and bid boost when they're close in proximity.

Harness the power of Bing’s audience

The average consumer will spend $1,226 during the holiday season; this amount nearly doubles for household income of $100k or more. Over 1/3 of our audience makes $100k+ and spends more online than the average internet searcher by 34%.



retail click share

72 million

retail searchers

52 million

retail searchers not reached on Google

Tip: Expand your audience and reach the Bing Network's high-value shoppers who are ready to buy with In-market Audiences.

Plan for searches to ramp in October and sustain throughout the season

The Bing Network saw the greatest year over year holiday search increases in October, and the National Retail Federation (NRF) reports that's when 22% of consumers start shopping. While Bing Network clicks peak during Cyber Week, NRF also reports three out of four shoppers will continue to shop. Explore trends by device and industry below to help with budget planning.

Tip: Returning site visitors see conversion rates nearly double. Ensure you have UET enabled to take advantage of remarketing throughout the season.

Top Search Days

Did you know 18% of monthly searches on Bing Network are new queries?

On the Bing Network, brand-specific searches occur more often on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Expand into nonbranded keywords early in the season to build familiarity prior to these peak days. Explore last year’s top searches below or use our keyword planner to discover new opportunities.

Tip: Learn how using Broad Match or Dynamic Search Ads can help you save time building keyword lists this holiday season.

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