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2020 US Retail post-holiday recap

February 2021

Microsoft Advertising Insights looked at how the Retail category performed during the 2020 holiday season on the Microsoft Search Network. We looked at holiday trends, Black Friday and Cyber Monday queries, and top category performance to see year-over-year changes, and to get ready for the upcoming 2021 holiday season.

Some key findings include:

  • The 2020 holiday season drove an increase in searches with more people staying home and shopping online.
  • Both Cyber Monday and Black Friday saw an increase in search and click volume after the shopping holidays.
  • Categories related to staying at home (Home & Garden, Hobbies & Leisure, etc.) increased click volume this holiday season.

Download the insights today to read more about what the 2020 holiday season was like on the Microsoft Search Network, to prepare you and your clients for this upcoming season.

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