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Experience new growth possibilities with Microsoft Advertising today >

Drive more leads, phone calls, appointments, visits or purchases for your small business, by using paid search advertising with Microsoft Advertising to reach customers who are interested in your product or service.

Benefits of Microsoft Advertising for small business owners

  • Target your ads to display when someone searches in your service area.
  • Give consumers more information about your business with ad extensions.
  • Seamlessly import Google Ads campaigns.
  • Control your daily budgets with no mandatory spending thresholds.
  • Pay only when someone clicks your ad. This makes Microsoft Advertising cost-effective for any budget.
  • Save time and maintain budget control by setting your bids to adjust up or down automatically, based on things like device, location, and time.
  • Get personalized advice to help you drive more leads with one-on-one coaching from Microsoft Advertising experts.

The value of paid search for small businesses

As a business owner, you're busy. Your focus is on growing your small business as quickly as possible, for as little as possible, and without a lot of help. Fortunately, it's easy to run a successful small business with the power of paid search advertising.

Reach your business goals

You can use PPC ads to generate sales leads, online purchases, phone calls, get customers through your doors, and other customer actions that help increase revenue for your business.

Customer success stories

Hear from small business owners about the value of paid search. Learn how they leveraged paid search with Microsoft Advertising to attract more customers and grow revenue.

See results fast

The ability to draw in new customers quickly and cost-effectively as they research products and services online is one of the most valuable aspects of PPC advertising for small businesses. Learn the basics of how to advertise on the Microsoft Search Network.

Reach more qualified customers

To save you time and money, aim your marketing toward the people most likely to buy your products and services. Campaign targeting is how to do it. You'll reach the best prospects for your business and make the best use of your advertising budget in the process.

Solutions for budgets big and small

An affordable solution for budgets of any size, Microsoft Advertising gives small business owners the power to control, monitor and improve the value of their advertising dollars.

More data for better insights

Paid search helps you make critical decisions about your marketing and business by making it easy to see which ads resonate best with your target audience. Test the waters with new products, offers or discounts, and then quickly see insights into their performance and demand, so you can adjust your spend and reach your business goals more efficiently.

Frequently asked questions

How much does advertising for a small business cost?

There are no setup or maintenance fees to use the Microsoft Advertising platform. You pay only when someone clicks your ad. To help save you money, show your ad to only the people that matter to your business with rich audience targeting capabilities from Microsoft Advertising. Learn more about the cost of Microsoft Advertising.

What are the advantages of using Microsoft Advertising for small businesses?

With Microsoft Advertising you can create ads tailored to your unique customers, customize your ads to grab customers' attention with ad extensions, capture customers who are searching on any device by fine-tuning your ads and bids, target local customers, who can drop by your store or make an appointment, and track where people go online after clicking on your ad and discover which pages and features on your website are most popular.

How to advertise a small business using Microsoft Advertising?

The Microsoft Advertising platform for small businesses powers sponsored listings, or “ads,” for search engine results across the Microsoft Search Network. Small businesses bid for ad placement in the results that appear when users search on the Microsoft Search Network. Ads appear next to non-paid results when people search for a topic related to your business and direct them to your website, phone line or physical location.

What is the Microsoft Search Network?

The Microsoft Search Network connects you with customers in your service area while they search online for topics related to your business on Microsoft Bing, Windows 10, Cortana and Office, using any device. It also includes our exclusive publisher partnerships, extending our reach to readers who visit AOL, The Wall Street Journal, Gumtree, InfoSpace and more.