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Help Similar Ads Serve More & Avoid Double Trouble in Bing Ads

If you have multiple ads with the same or very similar ad copy linking to landing pages with identical or nearly identical content or offers, you might have noticed delivery for one or more of the ads is probably negligible. In order to provide...

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From Bing Ads with Love: Bing Ads Editor Diary

I recently began working closely with Bing Ads Editor to analyze this campaign management tool for customer needs and writing down a lot of notes along the way. I believe it mutually beneficial to share my notes with you to initiate additional...

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Bing Ads Customers Are Awesome Because...

Bing Ads reached a milestone this week: 20,000 Twitter followers! Speaking for everyone here at Bing Ads, we want to say a warm and heartfelt THANK YOU! Thank you for sharing our content with your networks, and thank you for the conversations that...

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PPC Back to Basics - How My First Search Ad Copy Went from Useless to Useful

I worked in display advertising before PPC, and admit that I never created an actual online search ad until recently. I had the opportunity to generate a search ad for a local real estate acquaintance and optimize its performance. Tangible...

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Have We Got Some Suggestions for You!

Last week the folks at Search Engine Land touted the recent updates to the Bing Ads Opportunities page, and we thank them for the shout out. So if you haven’t yet tried this helpful feature set, now’s a great time to check it out. The...

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