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Demystifying display, destination and landing page URLs

Before jumping right in to explain how the different URLs used in Bing Ads campaigns are reviewed for Bing Ads editorial policy compliance, let's take a minute to define each to ensure we're all on the same page: The display URL is the webpage address that appears within your ad, typically in green text. The destination URL is the address of the webpage that you enter during your campaign set up in Bing Ads that enables you to track performance at the keyword or device level; it is not displayed...

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Changes to Approved Limited messaging in Bing Ads

In the past, Approved Limited error messaging has been a source of confusion for some advertisers; what does it really mean to say that a given ad's or keyword's delivery status is "Approved Limited"? Approved Limited may actually be good news. It means your item is already approved in at least one of your targeted markets. If you're not already familiar with this Bing Ads policy status, check out David Salper's post, Approved Limited in Bing Ads: The Editor, the UI and You. Why, exactly, does...

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Introductory walkthrough of Bing Ads Campaign Planner

Have you heard about the Bing Ads Campaign Planner yet? If not, it's a great tool that provides you with industry insights that can help you to understand the competitive landscape, plan out your campaigns and measure your performance against industry benchmarks. What is the Campaign Planner? The Campaign Planner is a new tool that sits within the Bing Ads user interface. It provides a range of marketplace data, sorted by verticals, sub verticals and product types. Using the Campaign Planner,...

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Editorial series: Trademark escalations – How to get an ID link for an ad query

Following-on from an interesting article dedicated to detailing the nuances of trademark policy, today we’ll focus on R-Links and how this element is critical to the completion of the most detailed review of possible trademark infringements. What is an R-Link? The R-Link is nothing more than the link that helps us to identify in our internal system each specific ad that appears in Bing and Yahoo Search. Why use an R-Link? Like fingerprints to a detective, R-Links are vital for the...

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Bing Ads PPC goal series: Tips to help drive more conversions

You’re here for a reason. If you’ve invested the time, effort and funds into advertising online, you want to make sure that those precious resources aren’t going to waste; you want a decent return on your investment. No doubt you’re keeping an eye on your clicks, but what about your conversions? What is a conversion? A conversion is the ultimate purpose of your campaign; it is as you define it. Do you want to make sales? Then, for you, a conversion would be a customer clicking on the “Submit...

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