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Search + native: 5 tactics the pros use for maximizing ROI

Looking to increase customer engagement and campaign ROI? Combining search with native ads can help you connect with the right customers at the right moment. Learn how Microsoft Audience Ads can help boost your marketing performance.

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Custom Audiences: Target customers with your own data

Custom Audiences helps you anticipate your customers’ needs and reach them with the right message using your own first-party data. This powerful audience targeting feature can help you improve campaign performance and increase your return on ad spend.

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Learn what’s trending in travel searches

If you need a new map to find more customers, we’ve got data to show you what’s trending in travel searches. To learn more, download our travel insights infographic. We want to help your business be there now.

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Webcast: Get started with Bing Ads

Begin mastering the basics of growth marketing with Bing Ads. In developing a strategy to promote your business, search engine marketing (SEM) is how you can get your ads in front of future customers when they’re searching for businesses like yours.

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Best practices for campaigns with multiple language targeting

Learn about how to best take advantage of multiple language targeting structures so you can expand your global reach, targeting people who speak more than one language and may search in several languages.

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