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Cheat sheet: Bing Ads extensions

Paid search advertisers are constantly in pursuit of new ways to make their ads more appealing to searchers. At this point, most have turned to ad extensions to boost their AdWords click-through rates – Google even uses the expected benefit of ad extensions as part of its Ad Rank formula – but far too few of you have applied the same strategy to your ads on Bing! In fact, many people don’t even realize that Bing offers extensions. Indeed, there are a wide variety of ad extensions available in...

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#BingAdsStories: Agency brings the heat with Bing Ads

How does a cashmere retailer heat up holiday sales? Product Ads: ads that showcase the retailer’s products in a larger format with images, pricing and promotional text. In the latest Bing Ads Customer Success Story, digital marketing agency ECommerce Partners uses Bing Shopping Campaigns to create and manage Product Ads for long-term client White + Warren, a high-end clothing company specializing in cashmere. With Product Ads, ECommerce Partners can give White + Warren a competitive edge...

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Remarketing, UET and Karaoke in #AskBingAds Episode 1

I am happy to announce that the first episode of our new #AskBingAds video series is now live! In this episode, we’ll cover… Setting up your Bing Merchant Center Where to go for small business tips and tricks Whether recently announced extensions will transfer using Google Import How to get started with Remarketing We also have the pleasure of catching up with Jimmy Lin, Product Marketing Manager and expert in all things Universal Event Tracking and Remarketing. Oh, and you’ll also find out what...

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Halloween Treats: 5 new features in Bing Product Ads

Product Ads and Bing Shopping Campaigns (BSC) are an amazing duo and they’ve both gotten better with a host of updates that we have made in October. The Bing Product Ads team is very excited to announce the launch of the five key new features below to help you shape your Shopping campaigns just in time for the Holiday Season. These new features can help you reach more users with minimum effort. Support for Used and Refurbished Products as part of your inventory Product Ads on Bing Mobile Beta!...

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Bing Shopping Campaigns in Beta for UK and Australia

Bing Shopping Campaigns (BSC) was launched in the US market on July 14 and, in August, we opened it to a few select advertisers in other markets. We are now pleased to announce that BSC has been launched in the UK and Australia as well! This launch marks the arrival of much awaited Product Ads capability in these two markets. Why Product Ads Product Ads are proven to be a highly engaging ad format that drives stronger performance than traditional text ads. With Product Ads, most customers are...

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