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Tutorial: Getting started with Bing Ads

Back in the day, one of the most popular places for businesses to advertise their products and services in was the phone book. When your potential customers pulled out that big white and yellow book to find the number of the local pizza delivery place, if you owned a restaurant that could be one of those places for them, you needed to make sure you had an ad in there so you'd stand out from the competition. That was then... this is now. The way we look for information on local businesses has...

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Changes coming to Bing Ads due to Content Ads Deprecation

As Rakesh outlined earlier, as part of our ongoing effort to ensure high quality traffic for you, in early August we will stop serving Content Ads on Microsoft, Yahoo and our network of websites. These ads represent less than 2% of traffic on our network. As the only remaining content advertising option is available only for customers in the United States (serving content ads in Windows media and Windows apps), there will be a set of small changes that happen automatically that I will outline...

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Bing Shopping Campaigns is now available to all U.S. customers

Bing Shopping Campaigns (BSC) beta was launched in April to participating advertisers. Advertisers tested BSC for capabilities that allowed them to organize, track, and manage their Product Ads in a more efficient and optimal manner. Thanks to our participating advertisers who helped to refine and shape the user experience, today, we’re thrilled to announce that Bing Shopping Campaigns is now available to everyone in the U.S.! Bing Shopping Campaigns will soon become the default campaign type...

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Managing multiple publishers with Smart Sync from Marin Software

Marin Software recently published a blog post, The Smartest Way to Advertise on Multiple Publishers. In it, author Hoiling Wong advises advertisers to diversify ad spend across multiple publishers because doing so not only helps you reach new audiences, but also provides the benefit of lower costs per click that comes with a less competitive marketplace. In addition to extolling the virtues of why it's important to branch out to other platforms, the post also makes a convincing argument in favor...

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Bing Shopping Campaigns: Performance and optimization tips

For those currently participating in the pilot, Bing Shopping Campaigns offers deeper granularity, more flexibility and better insight into your Product Ads performance. Best of all, setting up your Bing Shopping Campaigns is easy! Today, we will focus on tracking and viewing performance statistics for Shopping Campaigns in Bing Ads, or, step 4 ( Reporting & Optimization) below. If you are not familiar with the previous steps, you can learn more about each by following these links: Claim your...

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