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Track more of your ad impact with Offline Conversion Import

Do you have offline sales from online leads? If so, Offline Conversion Import can help you connect your conversions back to the search ads that users interacted with along the way. This is an important step in our journey at Bing Ads to help you build a more complete view of your campaign impact across online and offline channels.

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Effectively target your audiences with the new remarketing bid adjustment opportunity

Set an effective bidding strategy for your audience lists through remarketing bid adjustment suggestions on the Opportunity tab. Bid more on better performing audience lists, while saving costs on less performing ones.

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Making it easier to adjust your budgets based on conversions

We’re adding conversion data to your budget suggestions in the opportunity tab, so you can make better decisions for your business. You can now view how different budget values could impact your conversion volumes.

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True ROI: Turn 4 business challenges into success stories

Businesses of all sizes seek to reach new audiences, improve website traffic, and establish their brand—all with strong ROI. Growing your business is full of challenges, but online advertising can help you reach your goals and overcome the obstacles.

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The long game of Pay-per-click advertising

Advertisers can see immediate revenue and impact from Search Engine Marketing (SEM), but there are long-term benefits too. Pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaigns can help you generate revenue for reinvestment, increase your website traffic, and build awareness for your brand—both immediately and over time.

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