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Person working at a desk with a laptop and a tablet.

Introducing Microsoft pubCenter: Empowers small and medium-sized businesses to earn more from their website

Microsoft pubCenter is a simple way for creators and small to medium-sized publishers to earn money from their site with a code-on-page ad solution.

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A young businesswoman working on her Surface Pro 9.

Introducing Microsoft Advertising Network for retail: a Game-Changer in Retail Media Revenue Growth

Retail media enables retailers to boost sales and create a high-margin revenue stream through contextual ad placements. Microsoft‘s new advertising network assists retailers in launching retail media programs.

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A young woman checking a Video ad on her personal laptop computer while a CTV ad is running on her TV.

​Announcing Video and CTV on the Microsoft Advertising​ platform

Video and Connected TV ads help you reach your audience wherever they’re spending time, including streaming platforms like Max, Hulu, and Bloomberg, as well as sites like Microsoft Edge, Huffington Post, People, the Wall Street Journal, and more.

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