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New customer feedback platform: Help improve Microsoft Advertising

“Success is not delivering a feature, it’s learning how to solve the customer’s problem.” — Lean Startup.

We’re moving to a new feedback platform

Beginning next month (October 2021), Microsoft Advertising moves to a new first-party feedback platform. This new feedback platform will continue to help us listen and gather feedback from our customers, triage feedback to the right engineering teams for action, and collectively improve our product offerings.

As part of this transition, we plan to bring over existing feedback, status, and votes from UserVoice — the feedback platform we’ve used historically.

A new home, but with the same soul

While we’re changing the tool we use to gather feedback, the importance of listening and learning from our customers has never been greater. This new feedback platform will enable us to listen and act on customer feedback in new and exciting ways.

Can I continue to submit feedback through the UserVoice site?

Yes. All feedback shared into UserVoice by September 30, 2021 will be migrated over to our new feedback platform.

Will I be able to create new feedback, or vote on existing feedback, like I can in UserVoice?

Yes. The new feedback platform will allow users to share their own feedback, as well as vote on the feedback provide by other users.

What other ways are there to provide feedback to Microsoft Advertising?

In addition to the new feedback platform, users can provide in-product feedback under the Help section of the online experience, send us an email at, or connect with us on Twitter.

Thanks, from the Microsoft Advertising Product teams.