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Drive higher ad engagement with Multi-Image Extensions

Adding visual elements to your text ads is a great way to engage with your target audience. We’re excited to announce the availability of Multi-Image Extensions for all our advertisers in the US, a unique opportunity that’s available only on Microsoft Advertising. With Multi-Image Extensions, you can increase attention to your existing text ads by displaying a carousel of up to five images.

Product view of multi-image extensions in an ad.
  • On desktop devices, three images are shown with the option for the user to advance the carousel to see up to two additional images.
  • On mobile devices, one image is shown with the option for the user to swipe to see up to four additional images.

With the wide release of Multi-Image Extensions, we’re announcing an updated UI for setting up and managing all image extensions ad formats: single Image Extensions, Multi-Image Extensions, and Audience Ads. This update includes simplified image management controls, free access to a library of stock photos from Shutterstock available for use in Microsoft Advertising, and new image extension ad previews.

Simplified image management controls: Advertisers can now choose for each extension whether they want to extend their text ads with a single image extension, multi-image extension, or both:

Product view of the image management window.

Library of stock photos from Shutterstock: Browse our library of over 320 million high-quality, advertising-ready images for free:

Product view of the Shutterstock photo library.

New image extension ad previews: Easily preview the look and feel of your images:

Product view of the ad preview interface.

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