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A powerful tool: the product negative keyword conflicts report

Microsoft Advertising is pleased to announce the release of the product negative keyword conflicts report, tailored specifically to the needs of our shopping campaigns advertisers.

The problem

Negative keywords are a staple in any search advertiser’s toolkit. They ensure your ads aren’t shown in response to irrelevant search queries, and in doing so, generate a greater ROI for your campaigns. As with regular keywords however, managing large amounts of negative keywords often involves compiling them into lists which are then shared across related campaigns. This approach can lead to both unintended and undetected “negative keyword conflicts,” where negative keywords meant for one campaign are inappropriately blocking ads from showing in another. Additionally, while a negative keyword with a certain match type may be appropriate for one shopping campaign, the match type may need to be refined to function properly within another.     

The solution

The product negative keyword conflicts report shows you which of your product ads are actively being blocked by negative keywords, the match type of these negative keywords, as well as the level at which the conflict arose, dubbed the Conflict level. Since shopping campaigns do not utilize regular keywords, and negative keywords are associated at the campaign or ad group level, conflict level will always take on one of these two values in the product negative keyword conflicts report: campaign or ad group level. This report can save you valuable time and streamline your efficiency, helping to boost results.

The product negative keyword conflicts report can be accessed from within the Product ads section of the Reports tab: 
Product view of the product negative keyword conflicts report on the Reports tab.
Select the Product negative keyword conflicts report under the Product ads section on the left side of the Reports tab.

From here you can select your shopping campaigns, general settings, and any additional columns you’d like in the report. Next click Run or Download and voilà, you’re on your way to a deeper understanding of how negative keywords are impacting your shopping campaigns.

The product negative keyword conflict report can also be assessed via the Reporting API and is ready for you to try out now. For questions or feedback, we encourage you to reach out to your Microsoft Advertising account manager or contact us directly at