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Microsoft leverages AI to create intelligent solutions for advertisers

Advertising is about reaching your customers where and when it makes the most sense. Harnessing AI plays a critical role in helping you connect and unlock results. This technology enables you to do more than just reach audiences –  it enables you to make stronger, personal connections with consumers through scenarios that are more meaningful to them. Brands, marketers and advertisers can use the power this intelligence holds to help make calculated and data driven decisions that lead to deeper and more natural customer engagement. AI combs through vast stores of structured and unstructured data, and converts it into systems that connect data points, identify trends, predict consumer behavior, personalize user interaction, and much more.
We continue to deliver on this promise by offering our customers intelligent experiences, and we're excited to announce Chat Bot Extension on Bing, progress on the work with LinkedIn and an expansion to our In-Market Audiences targeting feature.

Future of conversational AI for brands and advertisers

One of the major trends we continue to see is the growth in conversation between brands and people communicating together through their devices. With more than 3 billion people using messaging apps every day,consumers are spending five times longer on average using messaging apps than they do on all other mobile apps. We see the potential this holds for you to reach your customers wherever they are.

With intelligent bots, brands can communicate with consumers in ways that are not only relevant and personal, but in situations where individuals are actively seeking them out. In the realm of conversational AI, this is the new reality. We know people are interacting with their devices and searching for information in more conversational ways through voice search and conversational queries via bots. The pain point is bot discoverability. 

To help make it easier, we're announcing an open beta pilot program for Chat Bot Extensions on Bing, with broader availability later this year.  

Chat Bot Extensions provide you with the ability to drive more engagement through real-time interaction with customers.  As users interact in more conversational ways through voice and search, brands you will reach users in a more natural way through direct conversation, keeping customers informed by asking questions and gaining answers quickly through an intelligent bot.
For example, if you are advertising for a cell phone carrier and you know that people often ask questions about upgrading their phone, Bing can answer questions with Chat Bot Extensions right within our main search results page. This service allows advertisers to prompt consumers with questions to help guide them to commonly asked questions and move them toward a purchase.

Increase conversion with In-Market Audiences

We are also announcing an expansion to our In-Market Audiences, an audience targeting feature giving you access to curated lists of users that are in market for a purchase category and are ready to buy. This expansion increases to more than 70 In-Market Audiences in pilot, with general availability soon. In-Market Audiences is another example where we leverage AI and machine learning to build audience categories. Customers are seeing terrific results so far, with up to 28 percent greater CTR and up to 48 percent greater conversion rates. Through the in-Market Audiences feature, Bing Ads does all the work for you – there is no need to build or import lists. The In-Market Audiences feature increases conversions and saves you time.

We understand the importance of intelligent solutions, whether that is through our conversational AI platform, adding data sources, or building audience targeting tools to help our customers reach their audiences when and where it makes the most sense. We look forward to delivering even more intelligent experiences and services in the future.

Check out this article to learn more about our In-Market Audiences pilot or talk to your Bing Ads Account representative. 

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