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New! Easily highlight your products and services with Structured Snippets

This year at Bing Ads, we’ve been working overtime to bring you a rich set of extensions which both engage your audience and enable you to tailor your ads exactly the way you like.  That’s why today, we’re thrilled to announce the release of Structured Snippets extensions to all US-based advertisers.

Structured Snippets

Your customers care about your products and services – that’s why they’re searching!  Structured Snippets enable you to highlight specific aspects of your products and services that are important to you.  You first choose a header, such as ‘Brands’, to provide context for whatever it is you’d like to highlight.  From there, simply specify snippets of text you’d like to pair with your header.  For example, ‘Windows, Azure, Xbox, and Skype’ are all Microsoft brands.



What you need to know

  • A minimum of three snippets is required; we'll show as many as space allows (up to ten) 
  • Campaigns and ad groups can associate with up to twenty Structured Snippets
  • Structured Snippets are not clickable and should not duplicate info already contained within an ad 

We’ll be rolling out international availability over the next few weeks.  For the latest details on Structured Snippets, such as how they compare with Callout Extensions, check out our Help page here. 

On behalf of the whole Bing Ads team we hope you enjoy our new extensions and look forward to delighting in your success!

Have fun out there,