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Empower young women and girls to build an equitable future

Group of diverse young women wearing shades of red and pink, smiling directly at the camera relaxing on the ground.

Change happens when you empower young women and girls with resources 

Focus and investment in girls’ rights are limited, so they continue to face enormous challenges. For example, their physical and mental wellbeing is usually the most negatively impacted by world crises such as the pandemic, war, and climate change. Today, on the 10th anniversary of UNICEF's International Day of the Girl, which aims to increase attention on the issues that matter most to girls and amplify their voices globally, we join in amplifying the cause.  

We know that when women and girls are empowered with resources, they can be resilient in overcoming adversity, and that they can become changemakers, advancing equity and strengthening their communities for everyone. Nonprofit Be Bold for Change formed a student project team this summer with help from Microsoft Advertising leaders to craft a program that aims to bust out-of-date and harmful gender-based norms that cause young women and girls daily stress and anxiety. Today, we’re excited to share the launch of Transform the Norm, a Bold Girls changemaker program designed by girls for girls.

Group of young women and girls at a skate park laughing and taking pictures together.

Alarming facts about the lived experiences of young women
and girls 

Did you know?

  • Girls are twice as likely as boys to develop mood disorders by mid-adolescence.
  • 74% of girls say they are under pressure to please everyone
  • 98% of girls feel there is an immense pressure from external sources to look a certain way
  • 92% of teen girls would like to change something about the way they look, with body weight ranking highest

These statistics are alarming but addressable, so Bold Girls is taking action. 

Transform the Norm: a Bold Girls changemaker program

Pink lifestyle images with text emphasizing the Transform the Norm Program steps: "Mission 1: Inspire," "Mission 2: Initiate," "Mission 3: Implement"

The result of this summer's collaboration between young women, girls, and professional mentors is a three-part program aiming to inspire and empower middle and high school girls to use their voices, talents, and agency to become changemakers—to create the change they want to see for themselves and their peers. The program consists of three free-to-all elements: 

  1. ‘Imperfect Stories’ Virtual Speaker Series: Young women share their stories of how they overcame adversity and companies share how to access helpful resources to inspire change and take action to make a difference
  2. ‘What’s Possible’ Workshops: Likeminded girls share experiences and brainstorm ideas to create solutions to address specific societal challenges
  3. 'Transform the Norm’ Challenge: Students turn their passion into impact, build skills, design solutions, and gain valuable experiences while challenging gender norms 

If selected as one of the four finalists for the Transform the Norm Challenge, students will be partnered with an expert coach to design a prototype for their solution and invited to present at the Be Bold Now awards ceremony event in Spring 2023!  

Microsoft Advertising Open Perspectives x Bold Girls 

Coming soon in the next installment of Microsoft Advertising's Open Perspectives, a series of candid conversations centered on the principles of diversity, inclusion, and equity, Bold Girls will be joining to shine a light on the responsibility of brands, their agencies, and the industry to help build a more equitable future for all young women and girls through inclusive marketing and authentic representation. Stay tuned for more information!  

To join the movement to empower the next generation of changemakers and leaders today, learn more about how you can support Transform the Norm and get involved. You can also follow Be Bold Girls on LinkedIn or get in touch with their team by contacting

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