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Virtual Bootcamp Series – Next Sessions

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If you missed the previous virtual bootcamps, you can catch up on demand here: 
Shopping Special part 1 | Shopping Special part 2 | Microsoft Audience Network 
Search Partner Network | Automated Bidding

More topics have now been added and each session will be delivered by Microsoft Advertising gurus in one-hour interactive LIVE learning experiences

Competitive Intelligence 

Discover how your competitors can help improve your return on ad spend (ROAS) by building more effective ad and campaign strategies. 

Text: Competitive Intel December 02 - REGISTER HERE

Optimise your Audience Strategies 

Learn how to set up your campaigns for success by leveraging strategies shared by your peers to improve your audiences performance.  


Dynamic & Responsive Search Ads

This session focuses on improving your performance by leveraging the power of automation for your creatives with Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) and Responsive Search Ads (RSA). Tune in for an exciting announcement about an upcoming beta that’ll allow you to import and manage mixed campaigns with search and DSA.

Text: Dynamic and Responsive Search Ads WATCH ON DEMAND HERE

A large choice of webinars available 

Select your preferred session today and bookmark them in your calendar:

.  All sessions -  REGISTER HERE

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