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Microsoft Audience Network drives Honda’s digital expansion

Microsoft Audience Network drives Honda’s digital expansion image.
The Microsoft Audience Network (MSAN) expands your digital display campaigns, without the need to learn a completely new platform.

Using MSAN, Honda increased the brand awareness of their campaigns across social and display channels. Not only did the MSAN campaign achieve increased visibility for the Honda brand, it also resulted in increased leads and conversions. 

MSAN drove a massive 64% of Honda’s total reach

In just a few months, using MSAN, Honda’s reach gained impressive results with its click-through-rate three times higher than comparable display campaigns running on other platforms. Read the full Honda story here.

Did you know MSAN charges on a pay-per-click model rather than cost-per-impression? Honda was only paying for the clicks they received, while benefiting from the brand recognition of incremental impressions for free.

Future plans

Following on from this success, Honda has taken the next steps to expand their MSAN footprint across all campaigns. Additionally, it has inspired the Honda team to work closer with Microsoft Advertising and explore opportunities further.  
We’ve been really impressed with the results and now we find ourselves asking the question – what other untapped potential is there in the Microsoft Advertising platform?”

Louise McMahon, Marketing Manager, Honda

Top three MSAN tools

  The Audience Ads Planning Tool is helpful to explore data by vertical and geography.

   New countries are being added to the network.

   And the Audience Ads training is a great place to start.

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