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Announcing the open beta for Digital Marketing Center

Over the past few months, Microsoft Advertising has been piloting an exciting new platform called Digital Marketing Center, a Microsoft Garage project. This is a way to help small and medium-sized business owners manage their digital marketing across not just Microsoft Advertising, but also leading advertising and social media platforms like Google Ads, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

We’ve been piloting with a limited number of customers the last few months and have received very encouraging feedback, so we’re now ready to extend the invitation more broadly. If you’re managing the online presence for one business in the U.S., this product is meant for you. Check out what’s new, and an overview recap:

New features of Digital Marketing Center

Thanks to the input received from customers enrolled in the earlier pilot, we’re excited to share a few new features we’ve introduced to make Digital Marketing Center even more productive.

  • Customer action tracking is a new feature which helps measure how well your ads are performing. With this feature, you can track whether people complete specific actions on your website which are important to your business. For example, if they purchase a product or become leads for future business after clicking on ads. With action tracking, you also get access to metrics like the time your customers spend on your website, and the number of pages they visit after they click on your ads. Sign up now.
Product view of the Customer action tracking interface.
Product view of the Customer action tracking interface, showing average time spent and pages visited.

Examples of the Customer action tracking interface.

  • Visibility and control on search phrases — Search phrases are the specific words or phrases people search for that surface your ads across the Microsoft Search Network (Bing, AOL, Yahoo) and Google. Digital Marketing Center uses artificial intelligence (AI) to determine what search phrases will surface your ad, as well as your spend on each search phrase based on your business category, location targets, and campaign budget. Through the search phrases tile, you can now see the top search phrases that are triggering your ads. You can also identify irrelevant search phrases for your business, and then pause them to prevent your ads from surfacing for these phrases in the future.
Product view of the Search phrases tiles.

The Search phrases tiles.

  • Know top performing ads and control automated text ads — Knowing which ad copies are performing is important to have successful ad campaigns. Top ads in Ad Preview allows you to see and modify top performing ads quickly. To improve performance, besides text ads you created, Digital Marketing Center automatically generates some text ads behind the scenes based on your website and business categories. Previously, you had no visibility of automatically generated ads. Now with Top ads, you see the top performing automated text ads, and you’re able to modify them if you think different messaging will resonate better with your customers.
Product view of the ad preview interface.

The Ad preview interface.

What do you get with Digital Marketing Center?

Digital Marketing Center provides you with a central platform to manage your online presence and marketing activities efficiently across paid search advertising, paid social advertising, and organic social media management. Best of all, it’s free to use. You only pay for Search and Social ads but can manage your social presence at no cost.

AI-powered campaign management

  • No keywords or bid management needed — Set your advertising goals, targeting, and budget, and let Microsoft AI help with the rest. No need to research, monitor, and optimize keywords, or bid manually.
  • Create multi-channel ads with text, images, and video — You can be as hands-on with your ads as you like. Build original ads from scratch, use our automated ads, or modify ad copy suggestions with your own creative spin.
  • Budget optimization — The Digital Marketing Center AI tools automatically distribute your budget across platforms to help get the best return on investment (ROI).

End-to-end social media engagement

  • Seamlessly integrate Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to one central dashboard, and manage up to 10 different profiles.
  • Like, reply, and direct message on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram through a one-stop shop, the social management inbox.
  • Review key metrics like impressions, engagements, and audience growth all in one place.

Sound interesting to you? Start using Digital Marketing Center or check our help pages to learn how to get started with your social and search advertising.