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Quickly review campaigns in the new Bing Ads Overview tab

new Bing Ads overview tab screenshot
Today’s online marketers have their sleeves rolled up and are making ad campaign decisions all day long. If you’re an on-the-go marketer, moving in and out of search campaigns several times a day, it can be helpful to take a step back and see a big picture view of your account performance. The new Overview tab in Bing Ads provides that big picture view of your account, and you can customize the tab to focus on the campaign elements that matter most to you.

You can find the new Overview tab as a new tab on top of the current Campaigns page. Within this tab, you can create helpful visualizations that summarize the metrics and performance that are most important to you.

In addition to performance summaries, a tips tile will highlight a small set of features that are either new releases or other ones you may not have tried out yet that may relate to your business.

tips in overview tab screenshot

The campaigns tile on the Overview tab shows your performance metrics for each campaign, and the devices tile shows a summary of your performance per device.

campaigns and devices in overview tab screenshot

Along with these new tiles, the Overview tab offers familiar viewing options to customize what you see. For example, you can change your date range or apply period-over-period comparisons, and you can also add custom filters.

create filters in overview tab screenshot

There are a handful ways to customize your Overview tab. You can add or remove tiles by clicking the “Add tiles” button and selecting or unselecting the tiles you want. You can also hide any existing tiles by clicking the ellipse at the top right of a tile, and selecting the “Hide tile” option. You can customize each tile be either a small or large size.

change tile sizes in overview tab screenshot

Another way to customize your tab is by clicking and dragging the top of any tile to move it into a different part of your Overview tab.

drag tiles around to rearrange screenshot

The Bing Ads Overview tab is a great place to start your day, end your day and visit throughout your day to get that bird’s eye view on performance. The Overview tab will be rolling out to all customers globally over the next couple weeks.

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