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Dynamic Search Ads now available in Bing Ads Editor

Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) is a new campaign type which helps dramatically reduce your time spent in initial setup and day-to-day management, while simultaneously identifying and capitalizing on new queries and sources of revenue for your business. At the beginning of October we announced the release of Dynamic Search Ads in the United States and the United Kingdom. With Dynamic Search Ads now available within Bing Ads Editor, you can further boost your campaign management efficiency of DSA to help achieve your campaign goals.

With Dynamic Search Ads, all you need to do is provide your website domain and generic ad copy, then Bing Ads will take care of the rest – you no longer need to manage long lists of “tail” keywords. DSA works by leveraging Bing’s organic search-crawling and machine-learning algorithms to automatically match the most relevant page on your website with a given search query. Once the page your potential customer is looking for has been identified, we dynamically generate an ad to match the implied search intent, location intent, or any additional real-time signals that are available.

DSA Campaigns

To create DSA campaigns, set the campaign type as Dynamic Search. There is a new Dynamic search ads tab as well where you will need to specify the website for which you would like ads to be automatically generated.

Dynamic Search Ads campaign type in Bing Ads Editor screenshot

Dynamic Search Ad landing page website screenshot

Dynamic ad targets

Dynamic ad targets provide you the ability to decide which parts of your website you’d like Bing to crawl in order to generate dynamic relevant ads. You can target based on what is in your page content, page title, URL, or category of content. A Bid value can also be set for your targets. Learn more about how to set dynamic ad targets within Bing Ads Editor

Dynamic ad targets selection screenshot
Note: If nothing is specified for all three ad target values, Bing Ads will target all webpages.

Negative dynamic ad targets

If there are parts of your website, such as non-monetized content, that don’t drive towards your campaign goals, you can exclude them using negative dynamic ad targets. Simply provide the criteria for exclusion in the negative dynamic ad targets. You can exclude based on what is in your page content, page title, URL, or category of content. Learn more about how to set negative dynamic ad targets within Bing Ads Editor.
Negative dynamic ad target selection screenshot

Dynamic Search Ads

Simply enter the Ad text to go with dynamically generated Ad titles, Final URLs, and Paths. Note that Paths will only be dynamically generated if you don’t specify one and a quality path is available at the time the ad is served.

Dynamic search ads selection screenshot

Questions or comments?

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