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Bing Ads Travel Summit Webcast

It’s a great webcast whether or not you’re in the Travel industry, because Purna Virji, Sr. Bing Ads Client Trainer shares on this webcast about “The Future of Search” and the implications of the conversational canvas, like voice search, your camera as a search box, personal assistants, bots and agents. She delves into the wide reaching implications of “conversation as a platform.” I also, go over how you can take advantage of Microsoft technology and easily create an Q&A bot without needing any programming language. You’ll get actionable take-aways and access to free Microsoft technology that could easily exceed your clients’ expectations and put you in the award seat or possibly in the running for that coveted year-end bonus.
So, if the opportunity to attend the Bing Travel Summit wasn’t on your itinerary, not to worry. This webcast will enable you to connect with us and get all the key-takeaways and insights from the Summit to help grow your business. We share the Bing Audience Insights that matter to the Travel Industry and how to plan better campaigns.
We share insights in the webcast about the Bing Network for airlines, online travel agents (OTA’s), car rental business, hotels and resorts, cruise industry as well as general travel information category. For example, Bing Network delivers 44% of paid clicks according to comScore qSearch (custom), US June 2016. Tune in for the on-demand webcast to get all the insights as well as how to leverage free Microsoft Bot technology for your most used FAQs and insert your customer service excellence into most messaging apps since the technology is built on an open-platform. We also demystify the Bing Network audience as we show a large percentage of our travel audience is between the ages of 25-54 years of age.

I’ll leave you with an inspirational quote that really sums up what travel really means to most of us. It enriches our lives, in fact according to Trip Advisor’s Trip Barometer – 44,000 travelers polled 31% said that they would spend MORE [on travel] because ‘it’s important for my health and well-being.’
 “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page”                                                                                                                           - St. Augustine
Just register for the on-demand webcast and watch when it’s convenient for you.
Thank you everyone for joining in on this conversation about the Travel Industry and Search Engine Marketing – and if you have any suggestions for Webcast topics, feel free to use #AskBingAds and #BingAdsWebcast and tweet me directly at @mjdepalma.

MJ DePalma, Global Bing Ads SEM Channel Manager
For more Bing Ads SEM topics and info follow me on Twitter. @mjdepalma