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Track your campaign goals with AI-powered Performance Targets

Your campaign performance and spend can fluctuate a lot based on a variety of factors. Whether it’s seasonality or changes to your competitive landscape, it can be difficult to understand how well you’re trending towards your business goals. It's important to know how you’re progressing towards these specific targets and to be able to monitor them with ease.

Now, as part of the Bing Ads goal to continuously evolve the performance reporting experience with artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, we’re delivering that power to you. With the new Performance Targets feature, you can easily set targets on groups of your campaigns and track their performance on the metrics you select, all in Bing Ads online.

Product view of Bing Ads Performance Targets

What can I do with Performance Targets?

Performance Targets enable you to:
  • Set weekly or monthly targets for spend, clicks, and cost per click (CPC) for groups of campaigns.
  • See a forecast of the campaign performance towards those targets.
  • Check whether you're on track by comparing your targets to actual and forecast performance trends.
  • Understand how each of your campaigns contributes to your performance targets.
  • View history of your performance targets and period-over-period trends.
Product view of Bing Ads Performance Targets tracking status

How do I get started?

To begin, navigate to the Performance Targets link in the left navigation pane and click on Create performance target. Provide a friendly name, select a group of campaigns, choose a period and create up to three target metrics to track. The campaign selector shows the campaign names, spend, clicks, average CPC and labels so you can sort and filter down the list of campaigns and easily select a set of campaigns to track.

Product view of Bing Ads Create performance target screen

Once you’ve set your performance targets, you can review the actual and forecasted performance with the targets. You get a clearer picture of your performance targets that are on track and others that may need attention. Then as you adjust your campaigns, check back on your performance targets often, as they will continue to update based on the adjustments you make to your campaigns, such as adding keywords or updating bids and budgets.

As demonstrated with our first set of new AI-powered features, Bing Ads is always looking for ways to address unmet needs across the landscape of digital advertising tools. This evolution of performance reporting will help empower you to be more successful on our platform.

Let us know your thoughts

For any questions or feedback regarding this new feature, we encourage you to reach out to your Bing Ads account manager. You can also ping us on Twitter, suggest a feature on the Bing Ads Feature Suggestion Forum, or send us an email with your thoughts to