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Help save time with Search and Budget Opportunities within Bing Ads app

Help save time and manage your campaigns more efficiently with new search functionality.  Take advantage of opportunities while on the go to help keep your ads from not showing as often as they can due to campaign budget limitations.

Search Functionality

search function in Bing Ads app screenshotSearch your accounts, campaigns, ad groups, ads and keywords with ease. Simply tap the search icon at the top right of the screen, enter your search query, tap Search on the keyboard, then tap on any result to see more details about an account, campaign, ad group, ad or keyword.  

Budget Opportunities

opportunity suggestions in Bing Ads app screenshotFollowing the release of Keyword Opportunities, the Bing Ads app now brings Budget Opportunities to your mobile device while you’re on the go. If we’ve identified that your ads are not showing as often as they can because of budget limitations, we’ll suggest increases to your budget along with details of the potential impact.

Before accepting a Budget Opportunity suggestion, you’ll be able to review the increase in clicks and impressions on the impacted ads.  Navigate to the opportunities card in the dashboard and check out your new budget suggestions today.

While we continue to work on introducing more opportunities in the Bing Ads app, don’t forget about all the Bing Ads Opportunities available to you today in Bing Ads online to drive the most impact for your Bing Ads campaigns. Review our frequently asked questions for a comprehensive walkthrough of the Bing Ads app for iOS or Android.

Have an idea to make the Bing Ads app even better? Your feedback is very valuable, and we want to hear it. Let us know via email at or post in our Uservoice Forum.

Download the Bing Ads app for iOS and Android today.

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