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Get new auction insights with exact match impression share

Have you ever wondered if you’re maximizing impression share on searches that are the most relevant to your business? Exact match impression share (EM IS) can help find the answer.

Existing impression share (IS) metrics measure the percentage of eligible impressions you received for all searches. EM IS helps you zoom in on searches that exactly matched your keywords. It measures the percentage of impressions you received for searches that exactly matched your keywords out of the total estimated exact match impressions you were eligible to receive.

EM IS can surface great new insights about the reach and potential of your exact match types. And when you combine this new report with our existing impression share reports, it can also help you understand and diagnose opportunities across your non-exact matches as well.

How do I use exact match impression share?

Here are some typical scenarios you might encounter in using impression share reports, along with our suggested actions:
Impression share Exact match impression share Recommendation
Low Low You were not competitive on all searches. Drill down to “Impression share lost to…” metrics and take corresponding actions (for example, improve ads, adjust budgets or bids, etc.)
High Low You were not competitive on exact match searches. If your quality score is high, consider adjusting exact match bids. If your quality score is low, you can drill down to sub-scores and refer to the quality score Help page for improvement suggestions.
Low High You were not competitive on broad or phrase match searches. Consider running a search term report and add relevant terms as exact match keywords, and exclude irrelevant terms by adding them as negative keywords

How do I find exact match impression share?

EM IS is now available on the Bing Ads online Reports page and in the Reporting API. You can get it by pulling account, campaign, ad group, or share of voice (keyword level) reports and adding the Exact match impression share column.

ad group and share of voice screenshot

Add EM IS to your Account, Campaign, Ad Group, and Share of Voice reports.

exact match impression share screenshot

Find the EM IS option under the column picker, within the Attributes section.

We’ll continue to work on adding EM IS to the Bing Ads online Campaigns page to help you easily access the metric across your daily campaign management workflow. Stayed tuned for more updates.

Connect with us on Twitter or Facebook with any comments or questions. And visit our Feature Suggestion Forum to share what features you’d like us to build out next.